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Green Technology Bank

Green Technology


GTB is enabling its role of a technology hub and networking centre because we possess the following attributes:
Most prestigious and large-scale platform in China with tech databases, information bank, technology library and pool of experts
Professional financial service platform for green projects
Tech transfer platform with integrated services
Major information platform covering and operating 7,500 substantial technology achievements
Technology Transfer
Provide technology transfer and added-value services along the entire market chain
Bring in international green technologies
Offer information exchanges, incubation services and funds for technologies
Provide marketing services for developers
Application and Industrialisation
Green tech application in various scenarios including pollution control, waste gas treatment, sewage treatment and so on
Government’s green pilot projects
Project cycle and ecosystem’s design and planning
Market research and feasibility study
Action plan formulation
Development of financing schemes
Progress and cost monitoring

Assessment and Certification

Green Finance

Under the initiative of GTB, a fund of 3.5 billion yuan(RMB) has been established to support the implementation of green projects, initially within China, and speed up tech transfer and application in areas such as resource conservation, eco-friendly construction, safety and efficiency. This successful project experience is expected to be applied to the green development of BRI countries in the near future.

GTB’s technical support is also accessible to the countries within the framework of South–South Cooperation, to help in initiating and developing green technology projects, in addition to boosting its building capacity in collaboration with multinational development banks, development institutions and private sectors.

Funding Solutions
Finance and Technology: Develop business models of Green Credit, Green Debt, Green ABS and Green Insurance
Provide financial solutions for green materials, life and health science, environmental governance and so on
Offer enterprises with third-party finance as well as credit and insurance services at low interest rates
Fintech Services
Provide AI and fintech services to support banks and peer financial nstitutions

International Cooperation


Promote international cooperation and project collaboration with African countries, EU members and countries alongside the BRI


Develop and operate training programs for entrepreneurs, local authorities and governments


Organise high-standard forums and conferences

Legal Service

Environmental Risk Assessment

Provide risk assessments regarding environmental responsibility

Green Policy Insight

Provide insights and in-depth interpretations pertaining to green financial policies and regulations